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Sat-25-04-2020 to Sun-26-04-2020
10.00 am - 4.30 pm

THIS WORKSHOP IS FULLY BOOKED. Please email the office if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

Animal Centred Education Dog Detective weekend workshop.

HANDLER PLACES ARE FULL. As a spectator you will still add new layers to your exisiting skills.

Would you like to add more layers to your existing skills as a dog care giver/guardian/owner?

This two day workshop will focus on enhancing our observational and handling skills engaging with the dogs attending the workshop and studying videos and photographs in a power point on and off throughout the weekend.

There is so much information contained in the glorious bodies of the only dog experts that exist. With increased awareness of all the clues we might inadvertently overlook, we can ensure all interactions are truly rewarding for the dog, and learn how human-led activities or management may be inadvertently triggering the canine behaviours we wish to modify or change.

The workshop will include:

Observing the patterns and appearance of the coat

Mobility of the skin

Muscle development

Nervous system responses including respiration and blink rate

Habitual postural patterns on the move and at rest

Slow movement, low impact exercises over different surfaces at liberty

Mobility and habitual position of the ears and tail

Subtle responses to hand contact

Techniques for building trust and to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in our canine companions

Tips to refine lead handling and handler posture to reduce body tension in both the dog and the handler
Due to the nature of this workshop there are limited places for dogs (six).
Two daysTilley Farm
Timsbury Road

Sarah Fisher
ACE Instructor

01761 471182



Please contact the office for booking information.