Hi, I’m Sarah Fisher and the founder of Animal Centred Education.

I have worked with animals for over twenty years and am passionate about sharing all that I have learned from the only dog experts that exist.

My interest lies in the link between posture and behaviour, and helping canine caregivers improve their observation skills to enhance the relationship and understanding between dogs and humans.

Would you like to add more layers to your existing skills as a canine caregiver?

All behaviour, including movement, has a function.

There is so much information contained in the glorious bodies of the only dog experts that exist. With increased awareness of all the clues we might inadvertently overlook, we can ensure all interactions are truly rewarding for the dog and learn how human-led activities or management may be inadvertently triggering the canine behaviours we wish to modify or change. 

This course will give you new insights into the link between posture and behaviour, and help you gain confidence in developing your ACE observation skills.

As all our courses included additional live teaching in Zoom and in a dedicated group, courses are not open for general enrolment.

Dates for the next course are October 3rd - October 21st 2022. Please email [email protected] for a booking form.

This course is closed for enrollment.