Movement is the foundation for all behaviour

Considering the quality, fluidity and potential function of movement lies at the heart of Animal Centred Education.

Every connected part of a dog's incredible body is engaged in constant dialogue and movement, including movement and processing of internal feedback through the entire nervous system.

Increasing the range of movement patterns

Modifying the interactions between dogs and their caregivers, combined with evolving ACE Free Work layouts and continued mindful body contact can have a profound influence on movement. ACE Elements can help to increase the flow of information through a dog's internal environment in peaceful and rewarding ways.

The more time we take to observe our companions, the more aware we become of the inextricable link between movement and behaviour. The more we focus on supporting a dog's internal environment, the less disruptive the external environment will be.

Supporting the caregiver/guardian

Our own movement and habits influence our companions from the earliest age. Modifying the way we offer rewards can improve the balance and movement of our wonderful companions.

Supporting the dog

As our brains tend not to focus on familiarity we can over look subtle changes in the way our dog's postural patterns change over time. ACE Free Work enables us to stand back, watch more, and 'do' less and ensure the engagements we offer are enriching on every level.

Supporting communication and connection

Increased awareness of our companion's posture and movement enables us to modify our own habits, and recognise how our companions communicate with us. This increased awareness strengthens communication and connection.

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ACE Recipes for Success

Considering movement and how we can help a dog to organise their body more fluidly when learning important life skills can speed up the learning process.

Enabling a dog to experience an increased range of movement and providing an ever evolving range of sensory experiences, builds confidence and connection.