Course Tutor

Sarah Fisher ACE Instuctor

Sarah Fisher has worked with animals for almost three decades, and has developed ACE over many years. She is passionate about sharing all that she has learned from the only dog experts that exist.

Her interest lies in the link between posture and behaviour, the impact of physical and emotional discomfort on canine well-being, and helping caregivers improve their observation skills to enhance the relationship and understanding between animals and humans.

ACE Adventures

Once we know what ACE Engagements are of value to our companions, we can shape our layouts to increase the range of movement, and extend our animals' learning experiences in peaceful and rewarding ways.

Paws Up

Many dogs find low paws up boards reinforcing. We take what the dog offers in Free Work, and build from there

ACE Tracks

We evolve the Free Work layouts to offer enriching and engaging experiences that aid with spatial awareness, balance, and support the sensory systems

Enriching Engagements

ACE Observations ensure our Free Work sets up are enriching on every level and meet the emotional, cognitive and physical needs of our companions

This course is closed for enrollment.

ACE Outdoors

All the skills and learning opportunities experienced in ACE Free Work can be transferred outside.