This course is part of the ACE Training Programme and is open to anyone who has participated in ACE Module One.

Please email [email protected] for a booking form, or for information on the ACE Training Programme.

ACE is a constantly evolving adventure where possibilities are explored, and limitations and struggles are acknowledged and not reinforced.


Thinking of ACE Free Work in terms of five elements can help break down the learning process.

Explore, Evaluate, Engage, Educate, Evolve

The Exploration process is probably the most valuable to you and your dog as you add more layers to your ACE skills.

As we embark on our ACE Adventures with our glorious companions our connection strengthens, and deepens.


ACE Free Work enables a dog to explore a range of sensory experiences and movement patterns.


Interacting with your dog in a Free Work set up can be a rewarding and illuminating experience


Increased awareness of how we interact with our companions deepens our connection

This course is closed for enrollment.

Rewarding Education

ACE techniques help provide a rewarding education for all dogs. Rewarding education and reward based training are not the same.

Rewarding education comes from meeting a dog's needs, helping him develop skills to feel safe and content in the human world, and an opportunity to explore and engage with a wide variety of experiences that influences all eight senses.