'ACE has changed the way I interact with my dog. He settles next to us now - something he has never done before. ACE has made me more aware of our dog's needs, and has helped us understand him on a deeper level. Thank you.'

Recipes for Success

Every ACE technique is an ingredient that can be used to help dogs develop confidence, and learn new skills. How you put those ingredients together will depend on the dog, and you.

This mini-course helps shed light on some of the struggles your dog might have, and will give you answers to questions you didn't know you'd asked.

ACE Free Work

Building quiet connections at a pace to suit your dog, in a familiar and safe environment.

Furthing Learning

ACE Free Work offers a calm foundation on which further learning can be built.

The Great Outdoors

Practising skills, amd transfering them into other environments, can open up your world.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Sarah Fisher

Sarah is the founder of Animal Centred Education. She has been working with dogs for over two decades. She is passionate about sharing all she has learned from the only dog experts that exist.