A Blank Canvass?

Puppies are not blank canvasses. Every experience will have been 'banked' by the nervous system, and early signs that the puppy may have physical or emotional concerns may have been inadvertently overlooked.

Early experiences, and natural biological developments during the adolescent phase, can result in struggles for both the dog, and the guardian.

ACE Adolesence helps you to understand the drives and desires of the adolescent dog, and gives you tips and techniques to support the dog and their family through this extraordinary phase.

Animal Centred Education

The techniques and approach that form Animal Centred Education have been developed over many years thanks to numerous adolescent dogs, including those in shelters, and those that have been fostered or raised at Tilley Farm.

This course will help you see the world through the eyes of the adolescent dog, and give you tips and techniques to support dogs through this phenomenal developmental stage.

And of course the focus is not purely on how we can educate the adolsecent dog - we should always be considering what we can learn from them.

Engage the Brain, Reduce the Pain

Adolescence is a painful time for many dogs. Low impact movement exercises, good observations, and paying attention to detail can help you modify many normal behaviours that may not always be conducive to harmonious relationships with humans.

Support Bubble

Creating a support bubble helps your dog develop confidence, and will open up their world.

The most important element in a support bubble is strengthening safe and rewarding relationships with their guardians and/or caregivers.

Rushed or vigorous handling and prolonged, arousing games can be two of the major contributing factors to a breakdown in the human and canine partnership during the adolescent period.

Learning Skills

Teaching or strengthening important life skills within ACE Free Work enables you to work at a pace to suit your dog, and recognise what will enable them to stay engaged with you, and look to you for support, when out in the big wide world.

This course is closed for enrollment.

ACE Contact Contract

ACE body work and establishing an ACE Contact Contract is an important part of Animal Centred Education.

Vigorous body contact such as patting, and ruffling the coat and ears, can be triggers for excitement, mouthing, or over arousal.

Gentle body contact can support the growing canine, and identify areas that may warrant further veterinary investigations.